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Unrivaled Protection for the Global Elite

In a world where the safety and privacy of VIPs are paramount, ChicoForce stands as a beacon of unparalleled security services. Our VIP Travel Security Services are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of high-profile individuals, including government officials, corporate executives, celebrities, and VIP leisure travelers. Leveraging insights from industry leaders and our extensive experience, ChicoForce offers a security paradigm that ensures our clients’ safety from the moment they step into the airport until they conclude their journey.

Comprehensive Security from Takeoff to Touchdown

ChicoForce’s VIP Travel Security Services encompass a broad spectrum of protective measures, tailored to provide seamless security coverage throughout your trip. Recognizing the diverse threats faced by VIPs, from personal safety to data security, we’ve developed a service suite that addresses every conceivable risk:

  • Special Airport Passageways & Traffic Escorts: We facilitate smooth airport experiences with special passageways and ensure safe passage through traffic with professional escorts and convoys.
  • Armored Vehicles & 24-Hour Armed Bodyguards: Our fleet of bulletproof SUVs, paired with 24-hour armed bodyguards, offers unmatched protection on the move.
  • Airborne Security Solutions: For those requiring an extra layer of privacy and speed, we arrange helicopters and private jets, ensuring your travel is not just safe but also supremely efficient.
  • Customized Security Protocols: Drawing on our vast network and deep understanding of local and international security landscapes, we offer personalized security assessments, develop and implement bespoke security solutions, and supervise all aspects of VIP protection.
  • Global Network, Local Expertise: Our global operations network provides access to critical information and local specifics, including airport security infrastructures and regulations, enabling us to offer informed and effective security advice tailored to each destination.

At ChicoForce, we understand that VIPs require more than just physical protection; they need a comprehensive security approach that also safeguards their privacy, reputation, and peace of mind. Our VIP Travel Security Services are built on this understanding, combining advanced technology, elite personnel, and meticulous planning to ensure your safety and comfort at every step of your journey.

Choose ChicoForce for your travel security needs and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected by one of Malaysia’s most trusted security providers, renowned for our extensive licensing and readiness to respond to any emergency. With ChicoForce, you’re not just hiring a security service; you’re partnering with a protector dedicated to your safety and well-being, wherever your travels may take you.



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